Catacombs of Balachor.


The first ever release from Monument Microgames!

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Please appreciate this foreign translation of the plot.  🙂 “As an unsuccessful treasure hunter, your life situation is never enviable. Small tinkering makes you more and more frequent to visit inhospitable and very dangerous places where the human leg has not gone for many years. You are in one of these. In order for your luck not to end, the only escape route from the dark cave has just cracked loose rubble. In that moment, you will trip over the skeleton that holds some notes in your hand. Slowly barking in the darkness you can only decipher a few words: “Balachor! … over the catacombs … defeat the … wizards … find symbols … spooky crypts … hidden paths behind the walls.”

In order not to end up as your predecessor, you will quickly rise to your feet and become a weak glow in the distance. That you could find something big after all? The entire labyrinth is divided into four separate parts, looking for the keys to the locked door, hammering the wall, hitting the jungle with the ax. The path you go to must be chosen with the intent that you do not end in a blind alley. Beware of ghosts that wander without purpose underground. A moving golem follows you from the screen to the screen, either you can fire it with a bomb found, or escape it, if you quickly run two rooms behind you.”


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