Game About Squares.


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Game about Squares is a logical game with a minimalist design and a great portion of fun. You have a number of squares on the board (up to four – blue, red, purple, and green) that you have to place in the position of a round mark bearing the same color. However, the square can only be moved in the direction of the arrow shown on it. The squares cross each other’s path, one square can move any number of other squares that are in the direction of its movement, thus it is possible to achieve new positions of the other squares at first glance unattainable.

In the higher levels, there will be a platform with a black arrow that will change the direction of the square shift that enters that field. The difficulty gradually increases, the game offers a total of 36 levels, the last six greatly strokes the gray cortex. There is also a set of input codes to continue the level you last finished.


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