Los Amores de Brunilda.


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A perfectly formed and immersive role playing game that does everything right. Upon arriving at a village you immediately get a weird feeling, and as you talk to the people you realise some-thing is wrong. The game is very much story driven, which takes you into the game that so very few Spectrum games do.

The style will be familiar to anyone who has been around gaming, a top
down view of the area that can be investigated. People can be asked
questions and little bits of information soon come out.You soon find yourself onyour first quest to locate a witch to help
your friend recover from a mysterious illness…

The graphics are well drawn and fit this type of game, the music is good and the pace is spot on. I found myself wanting to explore more, to complete the quests and find out what was happening in this wonderful little world I had stumbled into. The game will soak up a lot of your  time if you allow it to.. for this review I was still on chapter 2 the witch, and had spent a good 30 minutes playing…Previously I spent hours working my way through things… it really does drag you in…I can’t rate this high enough, but realise it may not be to everyone’s tast


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